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The world's most advanced poker content, challenging you through video lectures, interactive quizzes and reuploaded community coachings. Regularly extended and improved. Challenging your skill as efficiently as possible.

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Team Pokercode is a community of like-minded poker players, guided by Fedor and Matthias. An environment that lets you progress through interactive coaching sessions and a unique slack channel. Answering all questions, here for you 24/7.

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Founded by Fedor Holz & Matthias Eibinger

Get accompanied by two elite poker minds

Profit of thousands of mistakes Matthias Eibinger and Fedor Holz have made for you already, both sharing their unique knowledge within the platform content, in Team Pokercode's community slack channel and in regular coaching sessions.

Over $50.000.000 combined cashes and countless tournaments won, both online and live, qualify Pokercode's headcoaches to show you the road to success in NLHE poker.
Matthias Eibinger
Over $10.000.000 tournament winnings live and online
EPT Super Highroller Monte Carlo Champion
Multiple Aria Super Highroller trophies
Online HS-MTTs beast
Game Theory Optimum genius
Fedor Holz
#1 worldwide 2016
#1 online 2014 & 2015
All time money list #6
Bracelet winner
Over $40.000.000 tournament winnings live and online
THE premium COURSE

Unlock your potential actively

Using an active learning model is an approach that has brought me and Matthias to the skill-level we achieved. So we transformed it to the Pokercode. Challenge your progress with every step you take and get the desired improvement with every minute you invest. Take notes and profit of the unique quiz section at the end of each lecture.

Be able to compete against the best of the best, minimize your mistake-potential and boost your winrate massively. So that you are able to achieve all you ever wanted at the poker table. Just like we did.

Unlimited Access

A massive content library, extended every month. Preparing you for any situation imaginable in NLHE Poker. Advanced lectures, reuploaded community coachings, interactive quizzes and unique features that help you improve efficiently. Follow your personal progress bar, document your way up.
Getting Started
The Flop
The Turn
Playing in Position
Practical Play
Limped Pots
Preflop Fundamentals
Off the Table
The River
Facing 3-bet
How to defend the Blinds
4 lessons
42:12 min
Blind vs Blind
4 lessons
58:04 min
3-bet Pots
3 lessons
54:56 min
Live Game
6 lessons
58:13 min
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These stars trust Fedor Holz

“Fedor is one of the most self- driven, highly motivated and industrious people I’ve ever met in poker. It is these very characteristics that helped him reach the highest ranks in poker in such a short period of time and what makes him a great person to learn from both on and off the tables.”
Maria Ho
poker broadcaster of the year 2018
over $3m in live cashes
“Fedor is one of the toughest opponents at the table, his mental game is strong & he’s one of the best at thinking through difficult decisions to come up with the optimal play. Please subscribe to his site, so Pokercode will keep him busy & away from the tables.”
Erik Seidel
THE LEGEND, 8x Bracelet-winner
world’s all time money list #3
“Fedor is one of the most impressive persons I’ve ever seen. I am always baffled about his advice I asked him for countlessly often. He has learned all theoretical aspects of poker and then found ways to exploit his opponents like no one else. [...]”
Manig “swordfish007” Loeser
EPT Main Event winner
over $20M cashes online and live
"Fedor is one of the most impressive players I’ve ever played with. He combines the two fundamental facets of poker: a worked technical game and a huge talent to read and adapt his playstyle to his opponents.”
Adrian “Amadi_17” Mateos
WSOPE Main Event Champion
over $20m cashes online and live
About the platform

What is the Pokercode?

Profit of the thousands of hours Matthias Eibinger and I have spent on the virtual High Stakes as well as in the toughest Super High Rollers live. The condensed information provided shares unique insights into the game theory of No Limit Hold’em in any situation imaginable.

My adjustments to table-specific circumstances lets you access thoughts and secrets no one has ever had the possibility to even think of. All this, provided through a built-up cohesive poker course, split into three channels and over 60 lectures, is the way to get better efficiently in tournament poker. State of the art game theory optimum solutions combined with the world’s best adjustments and exploits.

What Team Pokercode thinks

– Wow..... I'm completely blown away from how awesome this content is. So informative, beautifully shot, and very structured which is awesome. This for sure is hands down the best poker course ever assembled and I'm not even pass preflop yet.
Pokercode community member
– Best 1500 bucks I ever spent hands down.
Brandon D.
Pokercode community member

A consistent poker training system


Boost your winrate with world class adjusts and exploits.

GTO Solutions

Accurate, unique and state of the art GTO solutions

Positional Strategy

Detailed positional strategy with various stack sizes

Constant Growth

Consistent and cohesive logics tought persistently


Avoid costly mistakes in tournament endgame with us.


Challenge yourself in our interactive learning model

Live Game

Live game lectures including reads, tells and table imaging


Mindset, BRM and game prep lectures & coachings
Much more than just a poker training site

Get huge deals, become a complete poker player

Join Team Pokercode and get access to sick offers exclusively, helping you become a complete poker player. Learn and grow anytime, in any place, with the tools that Matthias and Fedor believe will support you start climbing stakes and crushing the felts.

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• Full 3 months High Roller Tier for 0$ – valued at 75$!
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We motivate each other, sharing our common progress

Our #success-celebration Slack channel

FickleFoxx 💬
WPT Cambodia Single day HR $2200. Got 6th / 52 cashed $6053 !
What a start of the year 😲
Mario Mosböck
Good last Sunday of the year 🔥
Tomas Toeysch
I am the biggest winner in cash game the last couple of days
ITM in the first 2k$ I ever play online Let's run good tomorrow for Day2 🔥
Tomas Toeysch
What a start of the year 😲
Mario Mosböck
Good last Sunday of the year 🔥
Munteanu Bogdan
Not a bad payday 🎅🎅🎅. 44pko and monster stack.
Oliver Maier
Yessss my biggest
I am the biggest winner in cash game the last couple of days
FickleFoxx 💬
WPT Cambodia Single day HR $2200. Got 6th / 52 cashed $6053 !
Thank you poker code team @Fedor Holz  @Pokercode-Johannes  I’ve completed pre flop and flop and you said get on the tables and starting crushing! I know it’s not a massive amount guys but the standard I have grown in the last month is down to this course !! Chip lead now let’s not bottle it and finish the job off 🙏😂 Can’t wait to crack on with the rest of the course! I’m looking at the game in a totally different light 💪🙏

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